Super 8 is worth watching more than once…

Do you consider movies as Stand By Me, Jaws and E.T., classics? Well then you will also enjoy November’s DVD recommendation. Coming to a rental store near you in November is a soon to be classic movie from Writer/Director J.J. Abrams and Producer Steven Spielberg called Super 8. If you missed our podcast review, listen in here.

Super 8 Movie review

Paramount Pictures - Super 8

Super 8 is about a young group of friends making a short horror movie for a local film festival. During the production of the movie a horrific train accident occurs during filming. The question is, was it really an accident or not? If it was, why is the government involved in the investigation and why are there bizarre things occurring in the town? This movie stars a couple of great young actors, Joel Courtney plays Joe Lamb and Elle Fanning plays Alice Dainard. I expect some great films from these two in the future. All around the performances in Super 8 are wonderful. Each character has their own way of pulling you more and more in to the film. You can only imagine this must have been what it was like for both Steven Spielberg or J.J. Abrams as kids with their friends trying to make movies.

The young actors are not the only ones to give magnificent performances, the adults hold their own as well. Kyle Chandler (recent Emmy winner for his portrayal of high school football coach in Friday Night Lights) plays Jackson Lamb, local deputy sheriff and Joe’s father. The relationship between Jackson and Joe is tough to watch but you can tell that they both love each other and just struggle trying to relate. Other actors include Glynn Turman (The Wire) and Noah Emmerich (Walking Dead, White Collar).

The suspense that is innate in the dialog and visuals is terrific and helps you escape into the film. The story concept of a creature terrorizing a small town while only a few people know about it is fascinating. While watching this film you can’t help but think you are watching a Spielberg movie. I think Abrams was paying homage to Spielberg in the way that the story is written, as well as the way it was directed. Abrams still has his signature on this film; you will see a lot of lens flares throughout the movie, which is my only real complaint. The lens flares are distracting and not necessary.

Despite this one little flaw in the movie, it is a must see for everyone. Super 8 is rated PG-13 due to some language and alien violence, but overall the entire family can see it. If you are not sure if you want your children under 13 watching this movie, be sure watch it first. Then plan a family night for you and kids to watch this movie together. It’s worth seeing more than once!

I give this movie a rating of 5 out of 5 model trains!  Go rent it now, better yet buy it so you can watch it whenever you want!

EftRoU 131: really meat…

It was a sad day for us here at Entertainment For the Rest of Us, Mike was home sick nursing a cold, but the troops carried on without him. On this episode of EftRoU the crew brings you another Cartoon Character Showdown between Leader 1 and Optimus Prime as well as a Feature Flick review of Dream House. We also give you an extra review of the movie 50/50.


Cartoon Character Showdown:

For those of you who are new to Cartoon Character Showdown here is how it’s done: we choose two cartoon characters and debate which character is better. So Shady the Biker defended Optimus Prime and I defended Leader 1. As a reminder Optimus is the leader of the Transformers and Leader 1 is the leader of the GoBots. Who do you think won? Who should win? Listen in and see what happened. Better yet, tell us who you think should win by leaving a comment.

Feature Flick:

Dream House

Universal Pictures

This week we review the movie Dream House staring Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, and Rachel Weisz. Dream House is about a family that moves into an idyllic home. They soon learn of brutal crimes committed against former residents.

Extra Review:


Mandate Pictures

I took some time to go see 50/50 this weekend as well. Since we had some extra time on the clock I shared my thoughts on this film. 50/50 is based on a real life story of Seth Rogen’s friend who beat cancer. It’s a comedy/drama centered around a 27-year-old guy who is diagnosed with cancer, and his fight to defeat the disease. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam, Seth Rogen as his best friend Kyle, Anna Kendrick as Adam’s therapist and Bryce Dallas Howard as Adam’s girlfriend. So sit back and enjoy this extra review.

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EftRoU 129: the nearly forgotten episode…

Okay it’s been nearly a week since we recorded this show and I am finally getting it posted. I apologize to the EftRoU crew and listeners for taking so long to get this up. I let work and life get in the way of your entertainment. Just more proof I’m a regular guy.  Any who… In this episode we review the DVD Everything Must Go. as well as two feature flicks for you, Contagion and Warrior. Plus our points of view on Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars and DC Comics New 52.


Points of View:

Have you heard the news yet. Eddie Murphy will be hosing the 84th Academy Awards. The crew and I talk about our thoughts regarding this announcement. See if you agree with us, if you do… great! If not let us know why by leaving a comment. We also discuss DC Comics new 52. For those of you who don’t read comics and you would like to see what the talk is about, check it out from the begging. DC is starting all over again, learn more by listening in to the show.


Everything Must Go

Birdsong Pictures

This week’s DVD review is about a guy who loses his job on the same day his wife throws him out of his house. The name of this movie is Everything Must Go, starring Will Ferrell. I am telling you now that Ferrell shows his true acting skills in this one, but the story is depressing. Were not saying don’t see it, but be ready for a not so funny Ferrell.

Future Flick #1:


Warner Bros. Pictures

Square Ross decided to be different and go see the big name movie Contagion. In this movie there are a ton of big names including but not limited to: Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law and Elliott Gould. Contagion is a thriller centered around the idea of a deadly disease and an international team of Dr.’s that are trying to deal with the outbreak. Let us know if you agree with Square by leaving a comment.

Feature Flick #2




The rest of the crew and I took time out to see the movie Warrior. This movie is about two brother that are fighting to gain everything and lose nothing. When I say they are fighting they are truly fighting in a Mixed Martial Arts tournament that only a few can qualify for. You will find some great performances from Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison and Kevin Dunn in this movie. After you see this movie let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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EftRoU 128: Dano stops by…

I haven’t really been motivated or energized to get this post done in a hurry, sorry about that. I have let life get in my way of getting our entertainment reviews out. In this episode you will hear a bit about Chrome and Chroma, an art show that our very own Shady the Biker participated in. We also touch on the NetFlix Starz Entertainment deal that didn’t happen. Our feature flick this week is Apollo 18.


Feature Flick:

Apollo 18

Dimension Films

Here is the Apollo 18 description from IMDB: Decades-old found footage from NASA’s abandoned Apollo 18 mission, where two American astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the reason the U.S. has never returned to the moon.

Thank you to Dano for stopping by to hang out with us and review this movie. Listen in and tell us what you think of the movie by leaving a message.


EftRoU 103: a double feature…

Hey-Yo hey-yo, once again you have found the little show we do about entertainment. Thank you so much for listening. This week on EftRoU the crew and I discuss some movies that have had a significant impact on us. We also talk about two, count them, two feature flicks. It’s like a double feature!

Memorable Moment:

During the first segment of the show we discuss some movies that had some kind of impact on our lives. Find out what David, Dano and I discuss when it comes to movies that have made a difference in our lives. We also share why these movies meant so much to us. Leave us a comment and let us know if the  movies we picked have made a difference in your life.

Rango Movie

Paramount Pictures & Nickelodeon Movies: Rango

Feature Flick #1:

Like I mentioned before we discuss two feature flicks this week. Feature flick number one is “Rango” staring, the one and only, Johnny Depp. Rango is about an awkward chameleon that finds himself in a small western town trying to stand out when it is his nature to blend in. He begins a transformational journey as the town’s new sheriff. Other voices in this animation include Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Alanna Ubach, Isla Fisher and Abigail Breslin.

Adjustment Bureau Movie

Universal Pictures: Adjustment Bureau

Feature Flick #2:

Our second feature flick this week is a Universal Pictures joint, staring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, called “The Adjustment Bureau“. In this movie Mr. Damon is David Norris a politician on the brink of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate. He meets a beautiful contemporary ballet dancer Elise Sellas (played by Blunt). Just as David realizes he’s falling for Elise, a group of mysterious men conspire to keep the two apart. You will also find performances by Anthony Mackie, John Slattery and Terence Stamp. Listen in and find out what the Moderator, David and I think of this film.

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