Q’s Thoughts on the 2010 VMAs

So I took the time to watch the MTV Video Awards this year just so I could keep myself up on pop culture and to see what the kids are into these days.

Below you will find my recap on the 2010 VMAs along with my thoughts.

2010 VMA Eminem Rihana

Surprise appearance by Rihana performing with Eninem

The VMAs opened up with Eminem talking and raping a little ditty in a room that had a small club feel. Turns out it was backstage as the wall opened up to the main stage with a bunch of percussionist wearing hoodies to match Eminem. The stage was grand with massive arches made of cloth that transformed into different colors as needed.  It was a great surprise to see Rihanna on stage and some serious flames on the massive screens behind the stages.  It was a wonderful beginning to what turned out to be a rather enjoyable show to waste my Sunday evening on.

The opening skit with Chelsea Handler and the butt slaps was cute, even the part with Lindsay Lohan.  The on stage appearance of Chelsea coming out of the sky with a Lady Gaga type outfit and a house on her head was an enjoyable touch.  Even though she had a malfunctioning garage door opener and an issue with the dove, it was still a nice thought.  I loved how the dove landed on the top of the house after hanging around on the dancers leg for a while.

Taylor Swift at the 2010 VMAs

Throughout the show they just could not stop talking about last years most talked about moment of Kanye West and Taylor Swift.  Swift and West trying to take advantage of that moment. They both had a nice little performance that tied back to the 2009 VMAs . Swift startedperforming in an armchair with her band right next to her baring her soul and humiliation that she suffered.  The idea of baring her soul included her naked feet and all. West‘s performance came at the end of the night.  He had some fun fireworks raining down at the end of his okay performance, although I might be the only one that thinks that.  I’m glad to see these two are trying to make a buck or two off of last year’s incident.

Justin Bieber

Happy Bieber at the VMAs, 2010

The last thing I would like to address is the skit with the new artists.  Chelsea talking to Jason Derulo with an Auto-Tune type voice was priceless and then seeing her chase Justin Bieber around to touch his hair. Well was just silly enough to make me laugh.  Speaking of Bieber, I may not be a fan of that kid but he sure can move and I it was a nice touch having the kids dance with him, plus the drums solo at the end was decent.

I almost forgot to mention the DJ atop the square video wall pillar. I need to get me a t-shirt just like his that states” Your Ad Here”.

All night long it seemed like Handler’s jokes were falling flat and nobody was laughing.  It could just be me, but if they get another host that doesn’t entertain I don’t mind waiting another 16 years for another female host.

As for the winners of this years awards:

Best Female: Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

Best Rock video: 30 Seconds to Mars “King And Queens”

Best Male video: Eminem “Not Afraid”

Pop video: Lady GaGa “Bad Romance”

Hip Hop video: Eminem “Not Afraid”

Best new artist: Justin  Bieber f/Ludacris “Baby”

Video of the year: Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

Other thoughts:

Florence and The Machine’s performance was very appealing visually on screen. But I wonder how the folks in the audience felt, since they were playing to a camera in the sky.

Usher rocked it, loved the slide and stage as it light up around him.  Very high-energy performance and well worth watching on TV.

Drake’s performance was not that entertaining for me. However I loved Mary J. Blige she made it bearable.

Linkin Park at the observatory was a sweet looking spot with the crowds and the lit up boxes as stages. It gave it a great industrial feel.