eat a sammich…

Seriously, Angelina… Do it for me.

Angelina Jolie as SaltThis week we’re talkin’ about Salt, and Melvis leaves us high and dry on the Comic-Con update (just kiddin! mike will be back with us on the sunday show @ 4pm (mtn)).

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Watch below:


megan fox in a corset…

Yeah, it’s a little obvious… sue me.

This week’s show was a humdinger (how dumb is that?) Q discussed Toy Story 3 and Na represented the people’s views (on account’a he didn’t see it). Everyone joined in on Jonah Hex including Mike Leach from (thanks mike! you write awesome lyrics to the a-team theme).



you said balls…

I did… Several times… To hear it (and it’s not any better in context), click the link below. Other things you’ll hear in this week’s show are Q ‘n’ Na’s voices, discussing Minute to Win It, Archer and How to Train Your Dragon.


i’m over it…


That’s Q’s opinion. What’s yours? Are you into the resurgence in popularity of the 3D movie, or is it old hat (fez)? Discuss in comments below!

A particularly verbose Intern Zach (on a steeek) called in on today’s show and dropped a little science on Alice in Wonderland. Q ‘n’ Na talked, in their regular guy fashion, about Old Dogs making today’s show a Disney Two-fer.

Check it out!



About the title, it was either that or “whuthpbpbth”. I wasn’t sure anyone would get that one.

This show stands alone as the most wolfy episode we’ve ever done! We got An American Werewolf in London, The Wolfman, and Shady! (see what I did there?)

Beware the moon.