the cast…

‘Q’ (founder, owner & show co-host):
JumpNathaniel J. Quintana (aka ‘Q’) has had a passion for entertainment since he was a child. He would run home after school and turn on the TV to watch all his favorite shows. You see, the TV was his baby sitter, and from it, he learned some of his greatest lessons. He loves movies, TV and most things that make up the arts and entertainment world. Q is a frequent guest on MyConnectFM radio every Friday with Mary-Lynn, in addition he writes the occasional article for as the Parker Movie Examiner.  Q is also a recognized public speaker and community leader where he applies the everyday lessons that he so fondly remembers. You will enjoy him sharing the love and lessons with you. Now you know, and as the say “… knowing is half the battle!”.

The Biker (show co-host):
Shady“Shady” has been an artist since he was able to ride a tricycle. As a boy, he remembers going to the movies and drive-in theaters with his family and those times being the highlights of his youth. His thirst for movies never faded. As the years passed, Shady was fascinated with everything that had to do with movies and music and he has become kind of a guru of those parts of the entertainment realm. These days, he is an accomplished graphic designer (just look at the awesome logo he created for EftRoU) and illustrator, working for himself under the name “Eagleye Creative” and an entrepreneur coming out with a motorcycle trivia board game called American Throttle in 08. Shady looks at all movies not only for their entertainment value, but for the artistic quality in art direction, editing, and sound. If he is not working on something artsy fartsy or riding his Harley, he is most likely watching a movie.

Mike Leach (show co-host):
Cheif Editor of EatSleepGeek.comMike, holds a BA in English, a MBA, a M.Sc and a Six Sigma Black Belt.  With an impressive background such as this, we were sure Mike was a published professional or a sought-after speaker.  When asked, his response was “Are you kidding me?” But, he is the founder and chief editor of Still, Mike is an entertaining individual who enjoys “the escape” film, television and music brings to his life.  When asked what movie, song or television show name he’d give himself, Mike responded “When Jews Attack!” You can follow Mike on Twitter @CB_Robinson.

Daniel Ross (show co-host):
Daniel Ross Daniel aka Square Ross lives in beautiful Parker, CO and works within the IT Industry and happens to be married to the wonderful Jess who is a contributer to Entertainment for the rest of us.  He is an avid technology enthusiast, mobile photographer, husband, best friend, netflix addict, video game player, occasional sidekick, comic book enthusiast, podcaster, movie score lover, #horsearmor owner, croudsource app junkie and hopefully to some degree, a world changer.

Dano Manion (regular guest and occasional co-host):
Dano ManionDano has a passion for design, art, music, and business. He originally attended school for film-making and computer animation but quickly forked over into interactive web design.  Dano, however, will always hold a special place in his heart for films and other forms of the visual arts as they continue to influence his work. Dano co-hosts a podcast called Andy Vs. Dano which is a show where Andy and Dano share what they learn when competing to improve various aspects of their lives. He also owns Mahtay, a Denver-based web design and development business which specializes in creating simple and effective websites. You can follow Dano on Twitter @danomanion.

World according to Jess (site contributor):
JessJess was born and raised in the Arizona heat, but moved to Colorado in 2003 to be with her husband, RossRoss, whom she met online.  Jess loves technology and is always caught up with the latest and greatest (thanks to her geeky husband). She has a passion for many things entertaining including movies, TV, books and video games.  Growing up she has always enjoyed writing, especially writing poetry.  Now on occasion she likes to write just to get her thoughts out onto paper.  If you give her a pen and paper, she will give you something to read (and hopefully it makes sense!).  In the world according to Jess, there are no limitations to what she may write about. So enjoy what she has to offer in the world of entertainment.

The Photo Expert (show moderator):
Tracy Quintana is a professional photographer and happens to be ‘Q’s wife. She brings her love for imagery to the radio and shares all that she knows. She will share the finer point of TV and Movies when it comes to the art. She will touch on lighting, color and the images as a whole. Check out her site:

The Reality TV guru (site contributor):
Reality TV GuruRachael West has been on the air in Colorado for more than seven years. She started in Grand Junction at 100.7 KMOZ and moved to Denver to work for 98.5 KYGO. Rachael also has a BA in Theater from Mesa State College, where she graduated summa cum laude in 2005. Rachael makes her living as a professional voice actor and actor for film, TV and theater. Rachael loves to watch reality tv and will be the first to admit the irony in the fact that she can’t stand to sit through a movie. You can listen to Rachael talk about all of her opinions, favorites and not-so-favorite reality show topics on her podcast, Reality Bytes. Check it out at

‘Na’ (Co-founder of website and show):
Na Co-Host(Nathan Otis) was born long ago, in a time when men were men, women were women and movies were movies. After discovering what he calls “The Beavis and Butthead Effect”, the result of turning off your higher brain functions and allowing a total suspension of disbelief, Na finds that he can enjoy just about anything on the screen. Never one to make a big deal over minor plot holes, Na offers this advice for struggling directors who think their latest masterpiece is somehow lacking, “Add a car chase and some big, Hollywood explosions!”

Warren (music reviewer):
(Warren Lordo) I was born with a strong passion and enthusiasm for music. As far as I can remember music has not only brought incredible joy and excitement to my life, but is truly a part of me and the person I am. I have always said I need music just as much as the water I drink, or air I breathe. Being a child of the 80’s, my older sisters turned me on to many of the bands popular during this time. At a very young age I found myself overly excited and amerced in the 80’s metal scene and the bands within. As I grew up I continued to have the same love and passion for these bands, and I still do to this day. As I grew older though, and the music scene began to change, I found my influences getting much broader and less selective. Today I enjoy and appreciate so many styles of music, everything from Metal, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Industrial, Techno, Dance, Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop. I have an extensive collection of music, including artists of almost every genre and style known to man. I am currently attending CU Denver under their Music Industry Studies program and work in the software technology industry. After finishing school I would love to work in the music production area. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, writing songs, endless hours of listening to my iPod, discussing music, spending time outdoors, travel, and fun nights out with friends.